Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday !!!

Indeed it IS a Happy Monday, especially when you are graced with a bunch of sweet, young babes with Tiny Asses. What better way to start off a grueling week than lusting over the Tiny Ass Cheeks of some of the hottest young ladies around. Well, I guess what's even better than this would be to have one of these bimbos suck your cock til you cum down her throat, or maybe first take your fuck stick up her tiny butt hole, but we're getting ahead of ourselves here....That's fantasy; Let's you and I stick to reality, and that is to present many sweet, young girls with some of the most Tiny Asses around....Let's get to lurking !!!

First up is a girl I featured here before, except now the picture of her legs and ass are cropped to show the most important part of her lovely anatomy:

This next babe in a red and white polka-dot swimsuit has a cute ass, and one I could see my cock ramming if she would just bend over a bit more and pull down her bottoms:

Look at this chick's small, tight ass cheeks, pefectly defined by her black swimsuit:

These next two sweethearts have my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. Imagine having the thrill of walking behind these two Tiny Ass bimbos:

This is another of my fantasy girls. Sometime I blow-up her picture and imagine myself licking her supple and succulent, small ass cheeks, then spreading them apart and tongue fucking her tiny asshole:

Oh....My....God....Would you just look at how tight this girl's ass is !!! Can you believe it....Just look at those amazingly small butt cheeks:

And finally, I save the Best for Last. Just look at this sweet, young fucking bimbo, showing-off her sweet legs and Tiny Ass just for us. She is PERFECT, don't you agree. Well, that is, if you adore Tiny Asses.

The only problem I see with viewing pictures like the ones contained in this BLOG, is that you are always left with wanting MORE. And I mean more in the way of Sex with each and every one of these hotties. Hot, XXX, hardcore anal, oral and deep throat sex with these teens and young ladies. And regarding the last chick above, I would fuck her asshole til she begged me to stop.....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Hump Day of Tiny Asses....

Happy "Hump Day" to all of you Tiny Ass-Loving Perverts !!! Let's celebrate the United States having a NEW President, namely Barack Obama, with some of God's most amazing creations with Tiny Asses....

Nice tight, Tiny Ass baby girl. Damn, you look so fucking sexy in that outfit, and your shades make me want to jump you in a heartbeat:

Now why couldn't that be ME measuring her Tiny Ass:

Oh...My...God....Yet another Tiny Ass. I think I am gonna go out of my mind here. If I only had a Tiny Ass to play with right about now:

Bend over babe. Yup, that's right, show me your beautiful ass honey:

A nice, Full, Tiny Ass, if that even makes sense. Kind of an oxymoron, but nonetheless, a sweet ass she does have:

Standing around town in her Tiny Ass hugging jeans, talking with her slut girlfriend about the lustful evening they both shared last night with each other:

Look at this sweet, blond babe. I would love to bury my face between those small ass cheeks for hours, or until my rock hard prick could not take it any longer. Yes, my cock would wreck her shit hole and my balls would slap against her lovely, little ass cheeks:

There you have them, the Best of the Best of Tiny Asses. Enjoy your wanking, my fellow Ass Lovers. What a fucking mess I just made. Too bad there's no chick around to lap and eat all of this sperm juice for my viewing pleasure. I guess the Kleenex will just have to do....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go and Vote - But First...More Tiny Asses !!!

That's right, Barack Obama & John McCain may be running for President of the United States, but the following sweet looking bimbos with Tight, Little Asses should be running to get in bed with me. All kidding aside, do your patriotic duty and VOTE, and in the mean time let's get to checking-out some Tiny Ass babes....

Check-out this beach beauty in an orange thong that is creeping so far up her ass it's wiping her pancreas (I heard that line from Andrew "Dice" Clay). Anyway, she is looking super sweet and has a really Hot Little Ass, and her girlfriend in the pink looks like her ass is just as tiny too:

Yup, more beach babes, and this time we have two of them in FULL view, showing their Tiny Asses to the world. Keep walking, girls, because I could stare at your tight asses forever:

Fuck Me....This stupid, fucking blong cunt has a super Tiny Ass, and I am rock hard just typing this description of her ASSet. If I had half a chance, I would lick her ass then fuck her tight, pink butt hole like there was no tomorrow:

Yeah, look down baby doll and notice how fucking tight your sweet little ass really is. It's bimbos like you who make us guys horny as hell for a Tiny Ass like yours:

This chick is on the modeling runway, strutting her stuff for the camera(s). I wish I was in that audience and filming away, because if I was, I know I would go home, watch the video and stroke away:

And last but not least, yet another beach babe in an orange Thong once again, looking just as HOT if not hotter than the first bimbo I posted, though I guess her ass is not quite as shapely:

Hope you enjoyed this HOT post of Tiny Ass babes. And now that the FUN is over, Go Out and VOTE, and don't come back to The Tiny Ass Admirer until you have done so :)

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What can I say....I Fucking LOVE Tiny Asses !!!

That's right, in case you haven't noticed by now, I just LOVE Tiny Asses. To gaze upon a girls succulent, little ass is almost as good as sex itself, unless you are privileged enough to be penetrating said Tiny Ass girl. Now, on to those sweet, little asses....

This first pictures shows many sweet teens exposing their asses, but pay particular attention to girls on the far left and far right, as these are the babes that sport the Tiny Asses I am so interested in:

Now, if the chick kneeling was Little Lupe's Mom, that would be too fucking HOT, but she's not. Nonetheless, to see Little Lupe paired up with this babe is still a priceless shot. Little Lupe, why don't you bend over and let your slut girlfriend lick your small ass cheeks and tight, puckered stink hole:

This next chick is very mature looking, but still has one of the smallest, tightest asses I have ever drooled over. Way to go at keeping your ass in shape, babe:

Now, to end this post, I will feature a sweet, teen bimbo with a very small ass. Just look at the shape of her curvy, teen body. This picture make me want to blow my nut juice all over her tight, teen, Tiny Ass:

Ok, off to lunch, though now I am hungry for Tiny Ass girls

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Let's Start this Week off Right....

And how better to do that than gawking at some sweet, young girls with Tiny Asses. Gets me going, that's for sure.

Look at this dirty blond hair bimbo dressed in a slutty, red top. Owy, what a nice little ass on her, don't you agree:

This sweet, young brunette is smoking HOT. I just love girls with long, slender legs and tight, little asses:

That's right, baby, bend over and show me your lovely, little ass honey. Would you like to feel my tongue licking your tight, pink butt hole:

Nice tits and a tight, little ass. What more could you ask for in a young, teen babe:

And last but certainly not least, a real Hottie here on the bed, awaiting a nice, thick cock to fill her rectum and pound her Tiny Ass. But first, I must lick her ass hole and lovely ass cheeks:

Fuck, that was Super HOT. Hope you all pulled a good load out from that post of Tiny Ass bimbos.

Happy Ass Admiring !!!