Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Hump Day of Tiny Asses....

Happy "Hump Day" to all of you Tiny Ass-Loving Perverts !!! Let's celebrate the United States having a NEW President, namely Barack Obama, with some of God's most amazing creations with Tiny Asses....

Nice tight, Tiny Ass baby girl. Damn, you look so fucking sexy in that outfit, and your shades make me want to jump you in a heartbeat:

Now why couldn't that be ME measuring her Tiny Ass:

Oh...My...God....Yet another Tiny Ass. I think I am gonna go out of my mind here. If I only had a Tiny Ass to play with right about now:

Bend over babe. Yup, that's right, show me your beautiful ass honey:

A nice, Full, Tiny Ass, if that even makes sense. Kind of an oxymoron, but nonetheless, a sweet ass she does have:

Standing around town in her Tiny Ass hugging jeans, talking with her slut girlfriend about the lustful evening they both shared last night with each other:

Look at this sweet, blond babe. I would love to bury my face between those small ass cheeks for hours, or until my rock hard prick could not take it any longer. Yes, my cock would wreck her shit hole and my balls would slap against her lovely, little ass cheeks:

There you have them, the Best of the Best of Tiny Asses. Enjoy your wanking, my fellow Ass Lovers. What a fucking mess I just made. Too bad there's no chick around to lap and eat all of this sperm juice for my viewing pleasure. I guess the Kleenex will just have to do....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!