Monday, September 29, 2008

Tiny Candid Asses....

Ever see a chick walking in front of you and thought to yourself, "Damn, I wish I had a hidden camera" ? Well, these guys did, and I share with you their work. These girls make me want to bury my face in between their small ass cheeks and make-out with their puckered ass holes.

I like this chick's crack peeking out above her butt floss:

This girl's skimpy short-shorts are not only bright, but they really bring out the tightness of her young ass:

This tanned beauty has an ass for licking, and if she would only remove her bikini by pulling that string hanging down, I can get to work licking her scrumptious looking butt cheeks:

This hot, young bimbo is on the move, with her gorgeous little ass in full motion. I wish I was following this babe:

Ah, at the beach with a teen beauty in front, complete with an ass to die for. I don't believe in worshiping girls, but this teen bimbo with her tiny ass in full view and looking so fine would have me catering to her every whim:

And finally, I wish it was MY hand getting ready to spank this chick's sweet, little ass. Oh, how I would love to discipline this young lady.... "(Smack), You Bad Girl":

I hope you enjoyed these Tiny Asses and my enticing narration of each of them. I try not to be crude or degrading, but sometimes it just feels right. Stay tuned for more Succulent, Little Asses...

Happy Ass Admiring