Friday, October 31, 2008

A Few Final Tiny Asses for Friday.....

Yup, that's right, I just could not resist posting a few more Tiny Asses for your, as well as my, stroking pleasure. Now, without further ado, here is a sweet blond grabbing her Tiny Ass. Not much to grab back there, babe, but that's a GOOD thing as far as the Tiny Ass Admirer is concerned:

Double pleasure, double your fun, two Tiny Asses are better than one...Corny, I know, but so totally fucking true. Just look at these two babes showing off their tight, young asses; especially the chick on the right:

And finally we have IvanaFuckaLot. This is THE definition of a Tiny Ass, and one that would have me blowing my load all over her small ass cheeks if given the chance to get naked with her. She would need to revive me quick with her loving mouth so I could take full advantage of her snug, little butt hole:

There you have it....Another week featuring the Best of the Best Tiny Asses for your Butt Loving enjoyment. See you next week when I will post countless more Tiny Ass bimbos.

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

A Tiny Fanny Friday....

Ah, Tiny Fanny Friday's, oh how I wish we had a day like this on the calendar, where all chicks with Tiny Asses would dress provocatively for us horny admirers. No chance in Hell in that happening, though, so I must resort to yet another post featuring none other than sweet, young bimbos with succulent, little asses. Let's get to lurking....

Look honey, put down the food, close the door and bend over so I can begin licking your delicious looking ass cheeks:

Forget hugging this stupid cunt, both of your sluts kneel down behind your girlfriend and commence tongue fucking her butt hole and lapping her Tiny Ass for my visual pleasure:

This chick in pink may not have the tiniest of asses, but nevertheless, I thought it looked really good and deserved a place in the Tiny Ass Admirer:

Now onto a blond bimbo with a slinky, shapely body sporting a nice, Tiny Ass. Wow, what a joy it is to admire her ASSet:

Here's Emily (left) from with her girlfriend (I forget her name). Yes, her slut friend has a smaller ass than Emily herself. What a thrill it is to see a blond with a tiny, little ass like this one is showing us:

And finally, like I said before in an earlier post a few weeks back, this is how ALL bimbos with Tiny Asses should be enjoyed, once you have admired their small asses, licked their ass cheeks and tongue fucked their tight, pink butt holes - I know, Pure Pleasure in ramming a thick cock into the depths of her snug, little rectum:

Whew, that was a HOT one. Go clean up now and get back to work, or whatever the fuck you are all doing right now. Have a GREAT weekend and keep those eyes peeled for more succulent, Tiny Asses.

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Tuesday Full of Tiny Tushes.....

Nice title, you say? Well, if not, then I am sure you will enjoy my presentation of pretty, young things with Tiny Asses for your wanking, stroking and cum spurting pleasure.

First up is young Emily. This 100% LEGAL teen sports a sweet and tiny, little ass. Every time I see a young girl with a really small ass, I cannot help but envision a huge black man with a monster cock and big, hairy nut sack being intimate with her, and pounding his huge fuck pole in and out of her sore, tender ass hole. Ah, what a sight to stroke to, and I sure wish Emily would consider a fuck video of this proportion:

The next dumb, fucking teen bimbo I have for your horny bastards is a real beauty, and because of this, I am posting two pictures of her sweet, young body and small ass:

Like I said, two pictures of this stupid young girl. Of course I mean that in the nicest possible manner as I am sure she is a real sweetheart and a Great Fuck, especially in that small ass of hers. If only more young girls with Tiny Asses took monster black cock up their butt holes:

Would you look at this next sweet, young babe exposing her Tiny Ass to the world by hiking up her super-short mini skirt. WOW, what a sweet, little ass:

And last but definitely not least we have Cory Heart with her small albeit elongated little ass:

Well, there you have'em, Tuesday's selection of babes with Tiny Asses.....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Wild Wednesday of Tiny Asses !!!

Appropriate title for this BLOG entry, huh? Well, regardless of the title, you are sure to find a bevy of beautiful, tight little asses for your viewing and stroking pleasure right here on The Tiny Ass Follower. Let's get going.....

First up is a sweet, young girl with a nice, little ass. Little Lupe, whom I featured on a previous BLOG entry, is back again and gracing us with her Tiny Ass presence:

And because this young but legal tart is so fucking HOT, here's another of her getting fucked in her little pussy. I am including this XXX picture because you can clearly see how small her ass really is. It's just a shame, and a big waste of a perfect little fuck hole, that this teen bitch does not take cock up her sweet looking pooper. But if she ever wants to, I would be the first in line to ream her a new ass:

Now, off to the races, though too bad the drivers are not racing to see who can fuck this Tiny Ass first:

Now I know the website where this photo was taken is for girls receiving facial cum shots, but that doesn't mean that they can't have a Tiny Ass as well. I don't know what would be more enjoyable, blowing my load all over her face or licking her tiny ass cheeks and butt hole. Hmmm, I know, BOTH:

This little number's I'm certain pretty, young face is cut-off, but her most prized asset IS featured, namely her Tiny Ass:

Ah, off to the beach. Imagine a private beach with ONLY you and this young beauty with a super tight little ass, just waiting to be groped, fondled, licked and fucked:

And now to finish this BLOG entry with a virtual babe with a succulent, albeit not real, super tight little ass in denim jeans:

Damn, that was exciting, and now I have to go and clean-up. I sure wish I could've shot my load all over Little Lupe's pretty face or deep into her tight, little butthole....Oh Well, I guess the tissue will have to do.

I hope you've enjoyed this array of pretty young girls, all sporting Tiny Asses....I know I sure as Hell did.

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What can I say, MORE Tiny Asses - Duh !!!

Hey babe, why don't you just lay that raft down and hop aboard on your belly. Now you're in the perfect position for me to fuck your Teeny, Tiny Ass:

These two fucking bimbos get me panting. Two sweet, succulent little asses to enjoy. But for now, I'll have to settle for mentally fucking their behinds:

Dunno if the girl on the RIGHT has a "Tiny Ass", but it is a very nice looking ass, so quit fucking complaining and just jerk-off to it already. I did:

Ah Tiffany Paris you stupid cunt, what a lovely little ass you have baby. Now, let me lather you up with sun tan lotion and get down to business playing with your amazingly Tiny Ass:

And finally, my absolutely FAVORITE teen in the entire world.....Kasia from This Polish tart is simply edible, and because her ass is so tiny and she is such a sweet looking girl, I would never say (type) anything bad or derogatory about this fucking stupid but seriously HOT blond bimbo. Can you just imagine coming home from work to a creature like this fixing dinner for you. Fuck the food, pull down that G-string and bang her tiny, little shit hole for all its worth:

Happy Ass Admiring !!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A MEGA Monday of Tiny Asses !!!

Howdy all of my Tiny Ass-Loving peeps. Are we all set to gaze upon some more Tiny Wonders of the young female body? If so, grab your Cocks and let's get a strok'in....

Up first are three bimbos, though only two of them really have Tiny Asses (right & center) standing and showing-off right in front of an appropriately named bar:

And check-out this hot, tanned babe in white short-shorts, packing a very small ass for our enjoyment:

Now on to one of my favorite Tiny Ass Teens, namely 18 y.o. Little Lupe. She has a very nice & Tiny Ass, and one that my tongue would love to explore. She is a very beautiful young girl, and one that should be appreciated. Here she is, along with her Tiny Ass exposed, in all her glory:

This sweet, young, blonde bimbo has a very sexy young body with extremely smooth and supple skin. And WOW, what a nice Tiny Ass on this bitch, just waiting to be enjoyed:

Here's a FIRST for the Tiny Ass Follower; a Triple Tiny Ass Feast.....three times a charm, and in this case, three times as many chick's asses to enjoy looking at:

Come on, hike that skirt up babe. Show us your Tiny Ass you dumb, fucking cunt:

And last but certainly not least, how ALL of these girls with Tiny Asses should be enjoyed. Yup, that's right, with a nice, thick cock reaming their tight, pink buttholes:

Hope you enjoyed....I know I sure did :)

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The End of a Work Day, but NOT the End of More Tiny Asses....

That's right, more Tiny Asses coming your way, as in RIGHT NOW.

Let's start off this afternoon's booty bash with Seanna from . This hot little number's Tiny Ass is just begging for my fuck stick to pump her up against that wall....Oh Fucking Yeah, baby:

This next young, teen fuck-toy is just lying there and waiting for me to jump her bones, er, namely her sweet, tight and Tiny Ass...Would you just fucking look at those yummy ass cheeks that she's waiting to have someone spend copious amounts of time drooling over:

Now this tall, skinny but pretty babe really has a Tight and Tiny Ass, and she's equipped with a mighty fine set of legs, too:

And last but certainly not least, a beach babe with a very nice ass. Perhaps not a Tiny Ass, but definitely a Lovely Little Ass. And oh that sweet, young and supple skin. Would I just love to lick her from head to toe, spending a lot of time licking her ass cheeks and tiny, puckered little ass hole....Yeah baby, how fucking naughty would that be:

Gotta run, my peeps, but thanks for joining me on another Fantastic Tiny Ass Adventure....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

A Whopping Post of Tiny, Little Asses !!!

Ok, back from a little hiatus and now I'm ready to post some delectable Tiny Asses for your perverted, butt-loving enjoyment.

Take a gander at this skinny but sweet babe below in those tighty whitey pants, showing-off her succulent young and Tiny Ass, and one that I could gaze upon for hours:

This blond bimbo is a model, of course, and strutting her stuff on the catwalk. Just look at how Tiny her ass is. All I can say is I wish I was attending that event:

This girl is simply cute, and her Tiny Ass is fucking cute as well. I wonder if she's an anal virgin, because with an ass like that, there must be a line of hung and horny guys behind her, all waiting for entry into her back door:

This beach babe with her Tiny Ass facing us is simply edible. It is so enjoyable to seek out and spy on sweet, young and slender babes at the beach, with all of them sporting Tiny Asses:

This HOT teen has some very small butt cheeks as well. Just look at them and you can picture her standing and revealing her Tiny Ass to all passers-by on that road she is on. I see an accident waiting to happen with her bare little ass positioned like that:

And finally this little tart. She doesn't have the tiniest of asses for a teen, but it is enjoyably small, and I would be the first in line to worship her butt cheeks:

That's it for now, and I hope everyone enjoyed this mornings Tiny Ass sampling of lovely girls with small butts.

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Tight Ass Thursday.....

Yup, an appropriate title since I will only let one post go out today. Hey, don't cry, I promise it will be a good one, with an abundance of sweet, Tiny Asses to keep your mouth watering and your cock exploding....Let's begin, shall we !!!

First up is a girl playing sports, or so it seems, but who gives a shit. What makes this picture HOT is her Tiny Ass....You go girl:

Now this babe really has my attention. Oh how her small ass looks so warm, soft and inviting. Let me kneel down behind her and let the Ass Worshiping commence:

This girl simply has a cute little bottom, what more can I say? Well, except that I would love to taste her supple, young ass cheeks and probe her tiny butt hole with my tongue, but that's getting ahead of ourselves:

HHmm, how lucky is one sister of the Taylor twins, getting to shoot dirty pictures of her sisters hot, Tiny Ass. And boy howdy, it IS a Tiny Ass with an amazing set of long, sexy legs:

And last but certainly not least, we have NextDoorNikki, doggie-style and showing-off her small butt for the world to see. I couldn't care less about the world seeing it, but the fact that I can see it is the real catch. Take a good look and notice how sweet and tasty her chocolate starfish (read, her asshole) looks. First my tongue, then my rock hard prick. Oh yeah, take it in your ass pipe Nikki:

Well, there you have it, my one and only post for today (Thursday). Hope you enjoyed it...

Happy Ass Admiring !!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lunch Butts, Both Virtual & 100% Real....

Hm, I wish I had some Tiny Butts here right now with me for dessert. Actually, for a 2 course dessert. The first is running my tongue all over their Tiny Ass Cheeks, then Tongue-Fucking their puckered, little ass holes. For the second course, we have good old butt hole stretching Anal Sex with these cuties. Damn, that's fucking hot, too bad though there aren't any chicks here with me after lunch, only my perverted imagination....

Onward we go, but sorry, no Massive Anal Penetrations just yet, but they will cum in time. Let's just take a look at some more tight, little asses, cause nothing really is sweeter to look at after lunch.

This first pic shows a digital dream from the TotalSuperCuties website. All I can say is, what a fucking sweet, little, Tiny Ass she does have:

And this virtual babe is packing a super tight Tiny Ass herself. A nice place she's in for me to jump her, force her to the ground, and let my Tongue do the Talking, er, Licking:

Ok, nuff for the virtual asses, let's SECRETLY (as in Candid) check-out some REAL girls and their small asses. Nice tight jeans, baby. Now keep walking away from me so I can admire how your Tiny Ass wiggles about. Oh so fucking sexy:

You know, I was just in Wal-mart this morning, but no chick like this was shopping for greeting cards when I was there. Too bad, because if she was, I would of had to offer her an ass sniffing....Oh yeah, nasty thoughts are flowing thru my mind as I gaze upon her Tiny, tan short-shorts-covered Ass:

And these two babes look like they're at a lake or something, showing off their sweet, tanned legs and Tiny Asses to the world. The chick on the left is HOT, but the one on the right is packing a super tight, Tiny Little Ass, and that makes her for me:

Well, lunch is over, and I think I will now go and blow my nuts and calm myself after two days of many posts featuring Tiny Asses. I just cannot get these small asses out of my mind; it's like a fucking disease.

Anyway, let me run and cum, and I'll continue to add to my Butt BLOG to keep you, as well as myself, equally entertained....

Happy Ass Admiring !!!